Chic modern men seijin no hi rental outfits. The use of colors and mixed patterns brings a lot of fresh air as traditionally men formal outfit (called kuromontsuki) looks like this:

the traditional kuromontsuki is – elegant and austere

the modern ensembles are – dynamic and amazing to look at!


New year attire for Tokyo 135° Harajuku clerks

I especially like those two outfits, very much on the modern-urban style thanks to the use of high contrast, negative space and geometric lines (striped obiage and white obi for the lady, and those super sleek hems lines for the gentleman)

I would wear that man’s entire outfit in a heartbeat (would need a different obi, though, as I’m not sure that hanhaba style would work on me). The contrast piping on the seams is amazing!

And as for the lady’s – well clearly I’d have to wear it in tomesode form but – those gorgeous feathers! That white obi!


“The Dug-Out”, by Siegfried Sassoon, copied out by T.E. Lawrence in his notebook of poetry that would become the posthumous anthology Minorities.

@luninosity, I agree, this is a Bucky Barnes thing…..


Hello, I´d like to share with you and your followers something I got from a writer in my fandom years ago. They left already but their words stuck with me. I´m going to share the wisdom with you in my own words.

Every time you get notes/kudos, imagine real people standing in front of you. Did you get 20 kudos? It might seem like it´s not much but would you fit so many people into your livingroom? It´s 20 REAL PEOPLE who decided to read your work and liked it. Imagine giving each of them a hug!

Did you get 50 kudos? Giving 50 hugs would take some time but you could give them cookies instead. Imagine 50 cookies. It´s a lot!

Did you get 100 kudos? Go to a mall and count 100 people, you´ll see it´s actually a lot more than you thought when you saw the number.

Did you get 500 kudos? 1 000? Well, it starts getting a bit overwhelming when you imagine such a crowd but it´s AMAZING that you made so many people happy with your writing. And you´d need a living room the size of a cncert hall to fit them all in :)