Rogue One! Spoilers! Tears!

And yes, I cried at that scene in The Force Awakens, the scene lit with lurid lethal red.

But Rogue One: A Star Wars Story? That ending? That sequence on the beach? Kill me stone-cold dead. In my heart I knew that ending was coming. In my mind I knew there was only one possible outcome that made sense. But Gareth Edwards and his team did that ending and I’m so damn emotional.

Have you seen the movie yet? Then you can continue to read this thing.

Haven’t seen the movie yet? Um. There are spoilers here. Lots of spoilers. Here is a “Read More”. Please do yourself a favor, watch the movie, then you can appreciate all the screaming and crying and emotions all the better.

Still with me? Great.

I managed to catch two special screenings of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. First one was in a, well, it was a mediocre cinema despite the premium branding, maybe don’t spend a lot of money to watch there. The print was too dark! The seats were all placed below optimum sightlines!

But the story. Okay. The story has weaknesses.  The pacing could have used some work. So what kept us all glued in our seats? THE CHARACTERS.

And make no mistake, Star Wars lives and dies on its characters. We wouldn’t be remembering this story of “a long time ago in a galaxy far far away” without Luke and Leia and Han and Chewie and Lando and Darth Vader and Rey and Finn and Anakin and all that.

Rogue One is a team composed of literally the misfits and the outsiders and the desperately lonely, and they bring the entire mission and the heist to life, and you just get enough of the backstory to understand why you need to empathize with them, and — yeah. Too many emotions.

My favorite characters were literally the entire team. I loved them all to bits. Bodhi and Kaytoo. Chirrut and Baze. And very especially, Cassian, and Jyn. Those two, man, I died so many times watching their interactions, so many sharp edges and still so much trust somehow. Those characters were amazingly played.

And then we got to that ending. Screams forever. So many tears and so much pain.

What a movie that was.

Spoilery gif, now, as thanks for reading this.



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