towel day, the glorious 25th of May, and mixed emotions

I don’t mean to make this a long-winded thing, nor something so heavy. So before anything else: towels!


Photos taken 25 May at Chili’s in UP Town Center, over margaritas with teammates from the office, who stared bemused at my insistence on walking around in public with a striped beach towel.

Because it was Towel Day, which was also the Glorious 25th of May, and this year ALSO the 40th anniversary of the premiere of Star Wars: A New Hope. So there were a lot of geeky things floating around in the air on that day.

I never would have known about Towel Day if it hadn’t been for the ex-husband. In fact, Douglas Adams, or the ghost of him, was instrumental in the beginning of the sort-of courtship that lasted all of one month before the ex and I fell headlong into our relationship. Handwritten pencil notes in a hardbound copy of The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul: and where did that man who was so teasing and kind to me go? I think of him now as having died.

I just hope he never gets to the geek nirvana that Douglas Adams must now be inhabiting somewhere completely free of Vogon influence.

(Like I said: reclaiming music and everything else. It’s an ongoing process.)


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