my hat is very pink.


and I am wearing it because I am a woman and I am fighting for all my sisters all over the world, whatever the bodies they are in, whatever the colors of their skins, whatever languages they might speak. I stand with my sisters all over the world.

(I came up with this particular pattern on my own after looking up several other crochet and knit versions online. The yarn and hooks came from GantsilyoPH.)

happy International Women’s Day, all.

Don’t forget the mothers and the sisters and the daughters and the grandmothers and the nieces and the wives.

Don’t forget those who want to become female, those who are already becoming female, and those who cannot become female in their bodies but are in their minds and in their hearts.

Don’t forget the sisters all over the world who are working to make the world a better place.

Don’t forget the many many many sisters who have died to right injustice both great and small.

Don’t forget the sisters who are struggling through the days and the nights with illness whether of the body or of the mind.

Don’t forget the sisters in whatever form or body they might take.