taking tests: still a pain in the ass

You’d think I’d be old enough to finally get over the stresses and anxieties of taking written tests. Hahaha, why are you still taking written tests, PJ, aren’t you like way too old for that shit? Yeah, I am, but — new job, and the training period requires at least one written test, with a passing rate of 80%. So 60 points out of 75 means a pass; anything lower means failure.

Written exam today, nearing the end of the initial training period at the new job. I got up super early in the hopes of scoring a good breakfast PLUS enough time to sit and review the (not that thick, thankfully) workbook, and hammer all the necessary material into my head.

When I was younger, I always had this mentality during exams period, like, I want to take the test first thing in the morning, like let’s get into the class and please hand out the test papers now. It wasn’t because I was confident — it was quite the opposite. It was because I was jittering with too much nervousness and anxiety and my brain was going, Can we get this shit over with? I will stop stressing out once I’ve taken the test. So I want to take the test pronto.

Yep, I still did that to myself today.

Thing was, this morning’s training shift started with an hour’s talk from some of the support personnel on the floor, so I naturally had to try to fidget my way through that. (Didn’t help that I was getting kind of ribbed — possibly it was well-meant, I can’t know — about formerly being an English teacher. One of the people giving the talk was so hung up on messing up subject-verb agreement that they caused me to be hung up on my skill with the English language. I am not here for you to take out your frustrations on, kthx.

(Okay, so maybe part of me did think that the ribbing was a little bit mean.)

After the talk — we didn’t take the test yet! Our instructors kindly laid on a fifteen-minute review!

And that would have been nice except: the person that I was complaining about in the previous entry basically admitted that they had done no studying at all. Like none, nada, zip, zilch. Ignorant bee immediately proceeded to demonstrate their proud and towering stupidity by, basically, asking for all of the answers to the test questions.

Also, I don’t like getting poked with pens. Ignorant bee poked me with a pen that they had bummed off of someone else.

I applaud ignorant bee’s level of preparation.


It really really was a relief when our instructors finally handed out the tests, because that shut ignorant bee up in a fucking hurry.

It IS mean of me to be ticked off that ignorant bee passed — by the fucking skin of their teeth.

*headdesk headdesk headdesk*