Next time I get in a cab, I’m stonewalling the driver.

Like, I ain’t gonna talk except to tell him where I’m going, to give him directions, and then to pay up. If he makes conversation, I’m going to ignore him. And if he demands I get into the conversation, I will throw myself out of the cab.

Taxi drivers in this city where I live and work are all of one set of paramecium not-even-brains. Here’s what makes me say that.


Like my sister says: don’t me. Don’t even.


Dear person at work

…of course you like a government like the one we have now because you will never be targeted by it (fingers crossed?).

Me, I am endangered by it.

And disclaimer, even if I were theoretically “safe” from this government, I still wouldn’t like the fact that it endangers good people who are actual citizens.

Until ALL OF US are free, NONE OF US are.

Signed, someone who isn’t privileged.


(originally posted to my Facebook)