a Twitter story, 2

I kind of do a lot of thinking on my Twitter because I can take my mobile phone to my bedroom, and send out tweets on the fly. (Not sure I can always do that with my laptop, you see.)

But here’s the thing I was thinking of, a few nights ago, while trying to get some damn sleep.

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oh. that was a thing I always wanted to do

I’d been seeing those — well, they’re not really ads — calls for submission, anyway, to a local anthology of new Filipino fiction. The idea seems to be that you had to be under 45 in order to submit? And of course you had to turn in something that had never been published anything else. That’s the whole point of an anthology of *new* fiction. That anthology would have been the first place that published that piece.

Anyway, so in the past couple of weeks there had been such a deadline coming up — that deadline was for the very end of February and I finally thought, well why the hell not?Really, what was stopping me?

So there. Item on my bucket list, checked off. I turned a story in. I had been sitting on that one for about a year, maybe. And as far as I know, it had never been published or anything. Maybe there’ll be an unpleasant surprise related to that coming up, I wouldn’t know — the past year has been a little bit hazy to me, no thanks to getting my whole life uprooted and turned topsy-turvy.

But yes. I did turn it in. I submitted the story for submission to an anthology and that is one thing I have never tried before, and — so. It’s out there. I don’t really want to dwell on its chances for publication, and either it will or it won’t and that is out of my hands. Short story was short — less than 2000 words — and we’ll see what happens in the next few months.

I just — it feels a little nice to have overcome that particular set of fears. Accomplishment? I think so. *tentative smile*